All dates/times are valid for the timezone Europe/Oslo.

Thank you for participating, come back for the Euro 2016. Congrats to MariusDJ for being the best predicter.


How do I save my predictions?
You need to register an account and log in. When you are logged in you must click the save button to save your predictions.
Do I have to predict the outcome of all matches at the same time?
No, you can, but you do not have to. The deadline for predicting the outcome of a game is 5 minutes before the game starts. If a game is delayed the deadline is still 5 minutes before the originally planed time.
Are there any prizes?
There are no prizes in the global rankings. However, you are free to create your own groups and compete for prizes which the group agrees upon.
I forgot my username can you help me?
Check the rankings and see if you find your username there. This prediction service attempts to request as little personal information as possible, hence there are no requirements of e-mail addresses or phone numbers to sign up. Since this service do not collect e-mail addresses or phone numbers there is no way to provide you with your username.
I forgot my password, can you help me?
Sorry no, there is no mechanism for recovering your password. The passwords are hashed using Portable PHP password hashing framework which means that your password is not stored in plain text. Since no personal information such as e-mail addresses or phone numbers are available, there is no way to reset your password. Optionally you can register a new account.
When can I predict the topscorer?
Each participating national association has to confirm their final 23-player squad no later than 10 days before the start of the tournament. Hence prediction of the topscorere will be available when all squads has been confirmed.